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Take Gel Polish Off Fake Nails

This is How to Take Gel Polish Off Fake Nails Step By Step

While it’s usually preferable to get a gel manicure refreshed in a nail salon, there are occasions when you have no option but to do it yourself. (It’s a pun.) Swapping out your color might be especially difficult if you have the gel on top of an fake nails set. Fortunately, there are removal procedures that won’t completely ruin your nails—all you need are the appropriate tools at home. Check out those tips of how to take gel polish off fake nails step by step at home.

Before we go into the tools to utilize, we have one bit of advice: Resist the desire to bite or peel your gel polish, which, let’s face it, might seem like the simplest answer to your manicure troubles at times. It is never a good idea to do so. Biting and picking on acrylics can harm their surface, resulting in an uneven canvas for future polishing. (It’s much worse if your natural nails are next in line, because picking removes a layer of your nail, leading your normal nails to become dry, brittle, weak, and even damaged.)

This is How to Take Gel Polish Off Fake Nails Step By Step
This is How to Take Gel Polish Off Fake Nails Step By Step

The good news is that we talked to the professionals to find some tried-and-true ways for removing gel paint from fake nails at home, so you don’t have to go to the salon. Continue reading for their best advice.

The Filing Method

In any event, if you want your gel removed from your acrylics, this is the finest choice. And if you’re going to attempt it at home, we’ve got some pointers for you. You’ll need an e-file, often known as a nail drill machine, that you’re comfortable operating at home. “If you don’t have an e-file, don’t do this at home,” Tait advises. “If you don’t, you risk cutting yourself.” (Our favorite at-home nail drill machines may be found here.)

Start by filing the gel polish off with rapid strokes in one direction at a time until the gel polish starts to come off if you’re comfortable using an at-home drill. Continue to run the file around your nail, concentrating on different places, until the gel polish has been removed. Make sure you do it for each finger. It takes a while, but you can always listen to music while you wait.

This is How to Take Gel Polish Off Fake Nails Step By Step
This is How to Take Gel Polish Off Fake Nails Step By Step

The Tinfoil Method

Get a decent nail file with a lot of friction-causing roughness and use it to buff the surface of the nails until there’s no glossy coating left. Then soak cotton balls in non-acetone nail paint remover until they’re completely saturated. Wrap a square of tinfoil around the wet cotton ball to hold it in place on top of the nail. After 10–20 minutes, you should be able to wipe the gel polish off using the cotton balls that have soaked. If it doesn’t work, use a metal nail file or a wooden stick to scrape them off. (Cuticles should be trimmed or pushed back at this time, and cuticle oil should be used.)

While this is an efficient approach, cutting and applying individual squares of aluminum foil to your fingers can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why pre-cut sets exist. In any case, if you’re dedicated—or have an additional pair of hands at home—you should be OK. Just be careful with the acrylics once they’ve been soaked.

This is How to Take Gel Polish Off Fake Nails Step By Step

The Method Using Hot Water

You’ll need non-acetone-based nail paint remover for this procedure, as well as a double boiler if you have one for cooking. (And no, we aren’t preparing fondue.) If you don’t have access to a double boiler, two bowls, one somewhat larger than the other, would suffice.

To begin, boil boiling water in the bigger dish and pour it into the smaller bowl with your non-acetone-based polish remover. Then soak your fingertips for around 10 minutes in the smaller basin. (It goes without saying, but don’t put your fingers in a hot liquid.)

After that, scrape the gel polish off with a metal nail file or a wooden stick without harming the acrylic below. (Again, now is a good time to push back or trim your cuticles and apply some oil to the region around the acrylics to calm it.)

Remember that the most essential thing is to keep your nails healthy under the fake nails all year long, regardless of the technique you choose.

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