Rainbow Nails

One of the most popular new nail styles to try out is rainbow nails. For this style, the nails will often feature any color but the creative artwork will often be created using bright, colorful rainbow hues. It’s a fun and exciting style, which is ideal for the summer months.

If you want a unique manicure for a special occasion try out this innovative style. You can create this kind of look by starting off with a base coat and then applying three to four coats of different colors of nail polish or glitter over the base coat. Then you use a glitter stick or dotting tool to create your design on the nail. The best part about designing your own nail with these colorful nails is that you can make as many changes as you wish until you find the right design for you.

In addition to using colorful nail polish or glitter you can also use a small paint brush in many different patterns to create your rainbow nails. For example, if you are going to use rainbows as your theme you could paint your nail in two different colors or arrange them in a pattern. You can also use a single color like red and create an upside down rainbows or create zigzags or arches by alternating red and blue. Finally, you could add some highlights to your rainbow nails by adding a few dots of white or clear polish to the tips of your rainbows. This will create a textured look and you can finish it off by applying a very thin line of white at the base of each of your nails. This will help make your nail look thicker and more concentrated in the center of the rainbow.

rainbow nails
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