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We are here to help you find great quality fake nails with glue at extraordinary sale prices.

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With the first appearance in 2021, Nails For Bae is a project founded by a group of young ladies who share their passion for nails and fake nails with glue. In addition to building a website with high-quality content, Nails For Bae has been highly valued thanks to its updated and timely information, as well as its evaluation articles of the favorite fake nails in the market and essential fake nails care experiences.

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Designed to be versatile

This website is dedicated to all the fans of nails, especially fake nails with glue of all types, who’re dying to show their affection by skin and nails care. Here we provide fake nails by length, by shape, by color, by style and many more. Although in many locations it’s tough to purchase fake nails and the equipment to go together with them, we provide all of them.

Simplicity in design and form

Create fake nails community

At we not only sell fake nails as a way to run business but try our best to build a community where we can share our passion with fake nails with glue. Besides fake nails products, there are many articles where you can find some tips and tricks.

In addition to the website Nails For Bae, you can also find us at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Leave your messages and we will respond in the blink of an eye.

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