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fake nails with glue
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Welcome to Nails for bae


This website is dedicated to all the fans of nails, especially fake nails with glue of all types, who’re dying to show their affection by skin and nails care. Here we provide fake nails by length, by shape, by color, by style and many more. Although in many locations it’s tough to purchase fake nails and the equipment to go together with them, we provide all of them.


One of the main advantages of the fake nails is that they do not require nail polish. No artificial polish is necessary to cover up the flaws of natural nails. This means no more frequent trips to the salon to have nails done. The fake nail will provide the wearer with the perfect look without worrying about how his real nails look like. Also, fake nails are easier to maintain than natural nails. Cleaning or treating them is simply a matter of wiping them with a dry cotton swab.

Another advantage of fake nails is their cheaper cost. Applying real fingernails can be quite expensive, as compared to applying fake nails. Moreover, there is a high possibility that an amateur may apply a poor quality of nail polish, thus causing damage to the fingernails. In some cases, the damage may already be visible, rendering the person’s real fingernails no longer appropriate for wearing. Fake nails may also be more aesthetically pleasing than real fingernails.

Fake nails have several advantages. They can help a person look more stylish, confident, and attractive. They can also be an effective way of hiding damage and imperfections on the hands. Fake nails can be used for professional reasons as well, such as for patients who suffer from permanent nails because of extensive medical conditions, or those who are constantly going to work with very thick or long fingernails.


At we put all the attention in our products, making sure that all of them are high quality and also trendy. Here you can find fake nails for the most famous nail brands.

Moreover, at we offer free worldwide shipping, which is fast and convenient. You will not have to wait too long to receive your own fake nails with glue. You also have a lot of payment options, from Paypal to Credit/Debit Cards. If you have difficulty with supply? If your product arrives late or broken? In any of those circumstances, please contact us at our email


At we not only sell fake nails as a way to run business but try our best to build a community where we can share our passion with fake nails with glue. Besides fake nails products, there are many articles where you can find some tips and tricks.

In addition to the website, you can also find us at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Leave your messages and we will respond in the blink of an eye.

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